Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hey Mr. Thompson Everybody

I hear that Simon Mayo was looking for questions to ask the Prime Minister at Question Time, I wonder if he can get the one above asked more to the point would be

'Prime Minister given the discrepancies in current legislation that allows various organisations to excessively profit out of houses of multiple occupancy, isn't it about time such properties were redesignated SHARED HOUSES, Given that the Adults living in these properties are in the main those that could be classed as vulnerable, and could he provide assurances, that indeed such legislation will be passed before the spring recess of 2007?????'

I have to say that I would shed few tears over your organisations loss of revenue Mr. Thompson that such a change would entail. Maybe you could arrange to sell shares in the BBC world wide to go with your world service, and all these correspondents you have world wide living on grannies pension. But you know something Mr. Thompson I have become that cynical after my time spent outside the Welsh Assembly that I sometime wonder if you all just make pretend these people are where they claim to be?


I heard Rod Sharp one night chatting to Dr. Carl the Aussie guy about the drought they are experiencing over there, and wondered if they had thought of using de-salination treatment and use that to irrigate the land. On a quick search I found that indeed they had but that the only thing stopping them was the electricity cost of treating the sea water.

but then I recalled another programme about a contributor to the Big Issue who talked about these Super Solar Panels that if they only covered a small proportion of the Sahara Desert could provide enough electricty for the whole world. I found that a tall statement maybe I heard wrong, one thing I did regret that I didn't make time to go into town and buy a copy. But it seems to me that this commonwealth country with its own dessert lands could use those Super Solar panels to drive their De-Salination plants, given time and as the water table underground increased no doubt the rains would fall a little more frequently, say in 10 - 30 years, especially if they were replanting trees and such like using treated sewage to fertilize the soil.

You might have thought Mr. Thompson given the recent festive season that my Assembly member might have organised a whip round to purchase that Awakening Prologue CD as an xmas present for me given the Entertainment I have supplied them over the last three years.

But that would have been a step to far for her, or him one of them being a member of the hssc to consider, least of all the health minister, who by now might have contacted the local health trust to find the funds seeing as I save them in private non-prescription medication. Rather than use the anti-depressants they like to drug push patients with, even when they are getting feed back that the prescription medication has some relationship with high suicide rates. If they were in any way serious about client lead services, then why the reluctance to cough up with this new technology, if indeed the product is all that the producer claims in the free promo CD.

Or is it all because its YOU CRAZYDAVE, who have asked to give it a trial on behalf of the health trust, they might even adopt the technology for other NHS patients, who knows a revolution in mental health care may emerge, for certain categaries of patients.

YET THEY MAKE PRETEND THAT THEY HAVE HEARTS. (or minds for that matter). Actions I have found speak volumes more than words Mr. Thompson, that they have made so little effort tells me more about them than the nice phrases they like to string together in the debating chamber down the bay.

I also hear after ni on 10 yrs in office that Mr. blair has a sudden concern for housing, oh my oh gosh oh goodness. Had my MP raised the issues I've brought to her door in the commons all those years ago maybe he'd have done somthing by now, and maybe there would not be a shortage of Social housing, in fact there might well have been a shortage of private landlords, because by now Tax Payers monies would nolonger be going to support them, with projected incomes being enough to raise the cash to buy any properties that came on the market by Social Landlords own by the people for the people.

So we would nolonger have one individual being given £432,000.00 from Social Security for housing the vulnerable. Who in one year receives what my present income would keep me for 103.8 years or 63.9 years if I am to be granted DLA.

Do you really imagine that the souls of the departed soldiers who died for freedom in this country died for this state of affairs, rather I imagine that when they gather with the great n good at the memorial services for their sacrifice there are many of them who whisper 'I'd shoot the lot of 'em'

Not only is that private landlord getting £432,000.00 from social security but he can earn another £432,000.00 on top of that and yet the tenant who is the conduit of wealth has to inform the DWP whether they nake more than £20 a week additional income. Oh what a paultry figure Mr. Thompson. that would mean that someone earning £30 quid for a bit of help to someone has to decalre that on £50p.w. jobseekers allowance it just brings that to £80, not a huge ammount considering the allowances of DO JACK MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT eh Mrs J. Morgan????

So will that figure be raised in a enlightened society I would have thought so Mr. Thompson.

Lets go back now to the other scroungers I've mentioned previously those in the legal system, oh yes they turn up for 40 hrs a week or what ever, how much does our penal system cost the country????from the top down to the bottom, I bet the cost of that is far more than what all broadcaster bemoan are workshy scum as those in my position are often called.

I hear it costed at £30,000.00 a year to keep one prisoner in jail, that alot of them have mental health problems, but when they get out do you think the government would given them £30,000.00 a year to live on. To keep them locked up yes to keep them in freedom no.

Who do you ask to find out the combined figure of that industry Mr. Thompson, for thats what the probation service are involved in, thats what the police are involved in thats what the suppliers of food, clothing, stationery etc,etc,etc are all involved in Solicitors n barristers. Why doesn't one of your researchers get involved in that investigation, and then consider could that money be used to get rid if the social deprivation that is causing the majority of the crimes??????????

One final thing and that is the return to the growing of Hemp debate. I wonder if an enlightened Welsh Assembly would pass a Law where Hemp could be grown on the Valleys of wales as a cash crop as a replacement for the ferns that grow there now?????Maybe we could supply the newspaper industry with pulp that would not necessitate the killing of trees????Maybe to supply all the users in Wales with free Cannabis, maybe even the oil could be used for motor fuel?????Maybe I wouldn't be classed as a criminal anymore, and maybe just maybe they would have an educational programme going for users on the safest means of ingestion that won't damage your lungs.

Wake up people, lets get our power back from the polititians, and lets put and end to government by the government for the government!!!!!!

Love n Light Crazydave.

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